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I’ve increasing come to believe that my country has taken leave of its collective senses and today’s furore over ‘bringing back’ blue coloured passports sums it up perfectly, because it’s completely and utterly mad – and dishonest to boot. This madness has spread to the very heart of UK politics, so much so that it’s infected the Prime Minister herself, who tweeted this crock of shit.


The “iconic” blue passport? Iconic with whom – other than a few folk who can’t even remember the past properly & see it through rose tinted spectacles? We’re happy to trash our economy, deprive Briton’s of the right to live, love or work in 27 EU countries, limit their access to healthcare and all the other rights that we currently enjoy – but that’s OK ‘cos we’ll have blue passports back? It’s the logic of the madhouse.

And do you know the really, really stupid thing about this? We could have had blue passports without leaving the EU – as the Government’s been forced to admit. Not only that, but the old blue passports (for those who remember them) weren’t even blue. They looked almost black.

The only thing these blue passports will symbolise is the witlessness & stupidity that the UK is projecting to the world nowadays…