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If I didn’t know better I’d suggest someone has been spiking the Houses of Parliament’s water supply. Maybe the Russians infiltrated the pipes years ago? How else can you explain the surreal stupidity coming from some of our politicians nowadays.

As if the Gibralter debacle wasn’t enough we now have Teresa may adding to the farce. Remember that May refused to condemn Michael Howard’s threat to declare war on Spain. Instead, she’s found time in her hectic schedule of sucking up to the Saudi’s to condemn something far more important…

The National Trust’s Easter egg hunt…

Showing her usual grasp of the facts, she condemns the trust for ‘dropping’ the word ‘Easter’ from the event. There’s only one teeny-weeny problem. It’s not true – as a few minutes browsing the National Trust’s website would have demonstrated.  Amongst several pages of different events (all featuring the word ‘Easter’) There’s also this full page ad,

NT easter

This is basic level PR fact-checking. OK, OK – I know facts have fallen out of favour in this era of fake news, but come on! I can’t help but wonder how many EU countries are looking at this stuff and wetting themselves laughing at the ridiculous state of UK political posturing at the moment.

It’s bad enough that this is the annual staple of the far-right who trot the ‘Easter has been banned so as not to offend the Muslims’ every year. But this is the Prime Minister jumping on the bandwagon.

The philosopher Joseph de Maistre once said that “every nation gets the government it deserves”. So what they hell have we done that this bunch of useless incompetents is our just reward? And, yes, I’m looking at you too Corbyn…


This whole furore is put into perspective when one remembers that the founder of Cadbury’s – Richard Cadbury was a Quaker – and Quakers didn’t celebrate Easter – or Xmas. (see link)