After the our Government presented the article 50 letter to the EU, announcing the UK’s intention to leave Brexit fans were cock a hoop. It didn’t take long for cold hard reality to bite. Within a couple of days the EU’s response poured cold water on the UKs ambitions, but also contained a surprise (well, to Brexit fans anyways) which has since broken out and shown just how mad Brexit is.

The Spanish lobbied to get a mention of Gibralter in the EUs reply and managed to bushwack the Brexit camp . The inserted text reads.


As the implications of this began to dawn on Quitters, all hell broke loose in the media. Despite sovereignty not being mentioned at all in the text, some people (including many who should have known better) began to fulminate. Comparisons were immediately drawn with the Falkland Islands and former Home Secretary Michael “something of the night” Howard gave the most ridiculous interview in which he essentially threatened Spain with war. Needless to say, the other pro Brexit newspapers ramped up the rhetoric. This is how utterly bonkers (and a diplomatic disaster) Brexit has become in the space of 4 days. We’ve actually had a ‘serious’ newspaper discussing the idea that the British Navy could ‘cripple’ one of our NATO allies (whom NATO would automatically defend, so – do we fight ourselves then?) – and rabid Quitters have joined in.

Dickson falklands

Remember, this sabre-rattling is directed at one of our European partners. One in which rather a lot of British citizens have chosen to reside.  One which will have a veto over any deal with try and do with the EU, whether it’s the ‘divorce settlement’ or a new trade and access deal. This is what passes for diplomacy in Brexit Britain.

What’s so stupid about this is that Quitters are surprised at this turn of events. No-one else is. Brexit has  handed the Spanish a golden  opportunity to make Gibralter an issue – as many diplomats and other mentioned before the referendum. As usual, quitters stuck their fingers in their ears (just as they did over the border question with Ireland) and ploughed on regardless.  Now it’s come back to bite them it’s obvious they haven’t got a clue what to do – hence this ridiculous sabre-rattling. The Leave slogan ‘take back control’ looks more and more hollow as it’s painfully obvious that we’ve done exactly the opposite!

To make matters worse, one of the people who’s expected to sort all this out is the buffoon and inveterate liar, Boris Johnson. He’s also been in the news this weekend, condemning the introduction of the new Vnuk tax on off-road vehicles in the Times whilst saying that it made him “glad Britain had voted for Brexit”


This is a classic example of Boris’ intelligence insulting soundbites and disinformation. For a start, we didn’t have to leave the UK to stop this. We could’ve simply voted against it. I mean, we did, didn’t we? Err, no. The UK voted FOR this law.


Once again Johnson proves how duplicitous he is. These are the type of people who’re leading us into the Brexit disaster – and this is only the first week! I wonder which of our allies we’ll threaten next week? This is the madness and depths of stupidity the UK has sunk to now – and this is why we’ve got to continue to fight against it.

With Howard back in the fray Brexit more and more feels like ‘when dinosaurs roamed the earth’ and a ludicrous column from Simon Heffer in the Telegraph adds to that feeling. I won’t give the Tel anymore free links, so here’s the opening piece of Heffer’s idiotic claim.


Brexit Britain sounds more and more like an octogenarians theme park. One where they’re desperate to turn the clock back to the ‘good old’ days of Empire. There was a very good reason we dumped imperial measures. They’re neither logical or practical (so, a perfect fit with Brexit then). Only one other country still hangs on to pounds and miles – America. Not only that, but we started to go metric way back in 1965 – long before the EU came along. In fact, we first started talking about metrication in 1818 and UK scientists developed some of the earlier electrical measurement in – metric! Here, in a nutshell, is why it’s madness to ditch metric.


Can you imagine the effect on the sciences, business and international trade if we went back. It’s utterly stupid – but it’s a classic example of the mindset we’re seeing from the Brexit fan club. The sooner these dinosaurs are extinct, the better…