St Jeremy of Corbyn has been addressing his loyal disciples in Manchester today. The Manchester Evening News was there and duly tweeted one of his claims.

Corbyn claims


So, Labour vanquished UKIP in Thanet did they? Many of us who’ve opposed UKIP for years knew this was baloney. A quick look at the Thanet District Council website confirms this.


The only reason UKIP suffered was when five UKIP councillors defected to a Democratic Independent Group over September and October 2015 (nothing to do with Labour of course). The latest election was on the 1st of July this year and UKIP beat Labour to win that seat.

Thanet july 1

So, not only is Corbyn’s claim false, there’s a double irony. The Labour Party won control of Thanet District Council with a total of 45 seats in May 1995. They held it until they lost it to the Tories in 2003. Those were the Tony Blair years…

Social media is now suggesting what St Jeremy was REALLY talking about when he claimed that Labour had “taken” Thanet was actually the result of an election to this Parish Council seat.

Parish council.PNG

If true, then frankly, that’s not only dishonest, it’s also bloody desperate…