I’m on my way to London before heading off to Germany tomorrow and (like most people) I’m trying the make sense of the political and economic chaos that’s engulfed us since the Brexit vote. I share something else with many people at the moment too – I’m angry.

I’m angry that I’m repeatedly being asked to ‘respect’ a referendum result that was secured by the most monumental, bare-faced lies.

This wasn’t the cut and thrust claims of everyday politics, or the manifesto promises of general election campaigns. This wasn’t a result that could be corrected at the next general election when the deceit became plain, no, this was weapons-grade dishonesty of the most breath-taking kind that was meant to settle a question once and for all time.

I’m talking of the ‘we’ll save £350m a week and spend it on the NHS’ claim, not to mention the ‘Turkey is joining the EU’ claim, or the one that appealed to many – that immigration would be ‘controlled’. In fact, the ridiculous campaign slogan “Vote Leave, take control” now seems like a sick joke when it’s obvious the UK is now completely out of control, both financially and politically! The horrible truth is the Brexiteers had no plan – just lies – and now it’s all starting to become clear as one after another, they’re forced to admit they lied and that the promises they made to secure their victory can’t be delivered.

So, why should I or anyone else respect the result? This wasn’t democracy in action, this was fraud.

Even some of those people who were taken in by the fraud are expressing their anger and dismay now that Brexit leaders are finally admitting their claims were false – but only after the results are in of course…

Meanwhile, two of the architects of this destruction, Gove and Johnson are looking rather sick. Cameron has left them holding the Brexit baby. He’s not going to trigger Article 50 and the process that would end of our membership of the EU ( and almost certainly lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom). Instead he’s exposed the fact that none of the bold Brexiteers actually have a plan!

If this wasn’t being played out in the real world it would make a gripping political drama. As it is, it’s a bloody nightmare. It’s real. It’s affecting millions of people and the world’s economy. No wonder they’re looking sick. Johnson’s hubris is about to cost us all dear.

So yes, I AM angry – and I know many other people are too. Our elected representatives need to understand that anger, rather than talk glibly about ‘respecting’ a referendum result secured by lies. So let’s stay angry folks, until we find politicians who have the guts and honesty to sort this mess out.