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With only 6 days to go before the Hs2 Hybrid Bill passes 3rd reading, the anti Hs2 mob have come up with the bright idea of starting yet another stop Hs2 petition – I kid you not!

The internet is already so littered with their failed petitions it resembles a field the day after the Glastonbury festival. Why they think running yet another one will change anything is beyond comprehension.

The stupid thing is – there’s already one running. I’ve blogged about their embarrassing “flood defences not Hs2” petition here. That one’s a pearler as it allows you to track where the signatures come from and – sure enough – it exposed that nearly half of all signatures come from constituencies on the route and the majority  (surprise, surprise) are from the Chilterns.

Now this one has been started on the petitions website 38 degrees. In 4 days they’ve managed just over 600 signatures – way behind what the flood petition managed (although that’s getting single figures now all the Hs2 antis have signed it). When will they ever learn? All these daft petitions do is expose the fact their claims of ‘massive’ support are a figment of their imaginations.

Meanwhile, over in Camden, they have their very own petition to urge their local MP, Sir Keir Starmer to vote against the Hs2 bill. It’s another exercise in pointlessness as Sir Keir’s opposition to Hs2 is already known & he’s expected to  follow Frank Dobson’s example and vote against anyway. This petition has less than 600 signatures from the borough’s 225,000 residents.

I doubt MPs who will be voting for Hs2 on the 23rd are losing any sleep over any of the anti Hs2 petitions. Still, they do provide a useful lesson for any activist groups in the future, and that lesson is – here’s how NOT to do it…