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Whilst the rest of the world looks on with shock and sadness as the terrorist incidents in Brussels unfold, the vultures of the Stop Hs2 campaign have moved in to exploit the still-warm bodies of the dead.

Within minutes of it being announced that Eurostar services between Brussels & London had been suspended, anti Hs2 campaigners were cynically exploiting the news to scaremonger about Hs2 in the UK. Here’s the tweets.

OOT terror
jones terror

Time & time again the anti Hs2 mob have proved they’re no better than ambulance-chasers, exploiting the news of any rail crash or transport related incident to try scaremonger. It highlights their desperation and lack of morality as well as complete idiocy. The idea we shouldn’t build anything out of fear has always been a strong feature in their campaign, but this time they haven’t even waited until the dead are cold.

What a thoroughly despicable campaign they run.