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Well, if they had any sense they would, but sense is the one thing noticeably absent from the anti Hs2 mobs social media campaign nowadays. It’s become the modern refuge for and version of the old green ink brigade! (here’s an explanation of the term for readers who may be unfamiliar with it).

In fact, it’s the green ink brigade who seem to be keeping the antis social media campaign (and I use that term very loosely) going.

More and more of the old campaigners have left the field nowadays. This is due to a combination of factors. One is that many of them have been bought out by Hs2 Ltd & moved on (metaphorically and literally). Another is that most sensible people have worked out that it’s futile. There was a noticeable drop off in their campaign after the Hs2 Hybrid Bill passed with a massive majority and another after last years general election when it was clear the political battle was lost.

As the pragmatists and rational folks have retired, the – how shall I put this? “eccentric” wing have taken taken centre stage. In a few cases they’ve been bolstered by folks who don’t just write in green but prefer the most vivid shades of the colour! They’re a mix of UKIP members, who bring their own particular brand of xenophobia, paranoia and poor education – and the genuinely bonkers. Folk who believe in any conspiracy theory going but think they’re the only one’s who really know the truth. It’s like an internet version of Bedlam, only without the restraints.

To say this leaves their campaign with a image problem is an understatement. If I was Hs2aa or any of the few intellectual Nimbys left, I’d be tearing my hair out at their behaviour as it’s utterly destroyed any credibility they might have claimed to have. It also makes it very easy for politicians to ignore them. When you see some of their tweets and Facebook comments, it’s not difficult to see why. So, here’s a selection of the anti Hs2 social media car crash. Enjoy!

hs2 nutter 5

Hs2 nutters 3

hs2 nutters 4

Hs2 nutters6

DD bonkers

liar MPs

Honey hs2

Meanwhile, over on the anti Hs2 facebrook groups;

hs2 altofts

Need I say more?