Much to the anti Hs2 campaign’s chagrin, Twitter sees the #hs2 hash tag trending in Sheffield. This is nothing to do with them of course (their one attempt to get stophs2 trending was an embarrassing failure). It’s because there’s a public meeting to discuss the best location for the future station. Hs2 Ltd & the government have proposed that it should be located a few miles North of the city centre at Meadhowhall, but there’s an active campaign (led by the local council & supported by local media) to have the station relocated in the city centre using the site of the old Sheffield Victoria station site.

Personally, I can see the pros & cons of both arguments so I’m not going to offer an opinion either way.

What I find refreshing is a campaign around Hs2 that’s overwhelmingly positive and looking to the future. It’s a marked contrast to the selfish anti Hs2 campaign which is all about maintaining the status quo for some people who live on the Hs2 route, plus the usual anti public investment interventions from the likes of the right wing Taxpayers Alliance and the Institute of Economic affairs.

I’m sure it will be a fascinating discussion and I wish both sides well. You can follow it at the #hs2 hashtag on Twitter. Here’s a sample:

Sheffield Hs2