Apologies for the lack of blogs recently. This is due to the fact I’m run off my feet right now. I left home last Monday with the intention of being home by Wednesday,  or maybe Thursday at the latest. As it is, I won’t be home until this Thursday – and that’s just for one night!

I need a bigger suitcase…

It’s not as if the one I have is tiny but one half is taken up with sets of PPE, hard hats, safety boots, camera gubbins & all the sort of stuff I have to carry on these long trackside jobs.

All I can say is – thank God for ‘Primarni’. When you’ve run out of clean clothes & don’t have time to spend half a day in a laundrette they’re a Godsend!

It shouldn’t have been like this but plans changed as jobs got extended & new ones came in & cut the time I had to travel home.    Luckily, Dawn, my long-suffering partner also works in the industry & is used to me ringing her in the evening to say – “you know when I said I’d be home”….

That said, I’m not complaining. I’d rather be in demand than sitting, kicking my heels – and I get to see some fantastic projects as well as work with some great people.

So, sorry again for the lack of blogging. My days are full with taking & editing pictures, then getting them out to the clients. Things should ease up after the first week in September – just before we’re into the awards season & I swap PPE for a tuxedo & suits.

Watch this space..