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I’ve just had a bit of time to crunch the numbers on the success – or otherwise – of the anti hs2 mobs social media campaign & it makes very grim reading for them. We’re into figures for half a year now and the scores on doors are;

Scores. PNG

The usual caveats apply. Not all followers are fans, many are there just to keep an eye on their rubbish.

What these figures show is their campaign’s stuck – and in some cases it’s gone into retreat. The lack of progress on Facebook (the medium with the largest audience) is especially telling. That said if you ever look at the Stophs2 Facebook page it’s easy to see why. It’s full of bewildered folks (mostly Chiltern Nimbys) saying they can’t understand why no-one in authority is listening to them. But then when you see their daft conspiracy theories & dyspeptic rants it’s really no surprise.

The 51M Facebook page is dead so it’s hardly surprising no-one’s bothering with it. Hs2aa’s isn’t much better. It rehashes old news, tweets & anything critical of Hs2 – no matter how ridiculous. This is an abortive effort to try & hide the fact nothing’s actually going on with Hs2aa. They’ve nothing to report so use others to pretend there’s actually something ‘happening’. Stophs2 are just as bad. None of the groups have any events, meetings or rallies planned which goes to show just how reliant they’ve become on social media to keep their campaign alive.

The picture’s not much better on Twitter. Like Facebook, they’re starting off from a very low base so when 300 followers in 6 months is a 7% plus increase, you kind of get the idea! I mean, 2-300 followers in 6 months from an electorate of some 46 million souls? That’s pathetic! Contrast this with the number of folks who signed up in less than a week to protest about Jeremy Clarkson getting sacked from ‘Top Gear.Or – the 175,000 who signed the petition to let Virgin Trains keep the West Coast franchise.

In a delicious irony the only person in double figures is the person with the least influence: Deanne DuKhan of AGAHST. Her organisation ceased to exist a long time ago (check out their website or Google them to see what I mean) and many of her new followers are not exactly ‘kosher’- or will ever have any impact on hs2!

Where does this leave them? Well, up Shit Creek really. They’ve run out of time (not to mention money, activists, political influence & media friends). They’ve no momentum left & when the Hs2 Hybrid Bill Committee resume hearing petitions in a couple of weeks those will begin to fall like ninepins.

No wonder Stophs2 ‘Campaign Manager’ Joe Rukin is neither organising campaigns (or anything else for that matter). He’s probably too busy filling out job applications!