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Members of the anti Hs2 mob are rather like folks who are waiting for a messiah – always hoping someone, sometime, will turn up to save them. The last false prophets were UKIP who the antis worshipped as the party who would kill off Hs2. It was never going to happen & everyone else could see through them, but that’s faith for you. Both UKIP & the anti hs2 mob would much rather you forgot this risible claim:


Since UKIP were shown to have feet of clay the antis have been scrabbling around for another saviour. This time they latched upon Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. This was because an article published in the Guardian reported that Corbyn was due to deliver a speech condemning Hs2 & announcing his decision to oppose it (they even carried quotes from a draft of the speech).

However, when the speech was delivered & the report appeared, all reference to Hs2 had mysteriously disappeared. In many ways this wasn’t a surprise as Corbyn was in danger of walking headlong into a Tory trap. I blogged about it all here.

Then, yesterday, Corbyn published this on the rail network & his plans for renationalisation. In the report’s bullet points was this:

“Stimulate the economy by increasing investment in new high speed rail, creating jobs and connecting more towns and cities”


Clearly, some folks have been having words in Jeremy’s shell-like…

Whilst there’s no explicit mention of Hs2 – does anyone seriously think Corbyn would now oppose building hs2 in favour of going back to the drawing board, setting back plans by decades? Not only would this leave us with rail gridlock, it would put in jeopardy massive regeneration schemes in Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester & other Labour strongholds, costing thousands of jobs. Also, note Corbyn talks of increasing (not diverting) spending on High Speed rail.

As Corbyn is hands down favourite to win the Labour Leadership there’s now no chance that the Hs2 Hybrid Bill won’t pass its 3rd reading.

So, it looks like the anti Hs2 mobs search for the messiah continues, with time running out. Corbyn is not the messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy for leading the anti Hs2 mob on!