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Once again the award goes to Peter Jones from Camden who supposedly represents the ‘Pan Camden Alliance’ (a fancy name for one man & his dog) who surpassed himself to come out with this gratuitously offensive & libellous comment earlier this evening.

dead duck libel

It’s a great, but not untypical, example of the depths the anti Hs2 campaign’s willing to plumb.

Anyone (from either side of the argument) who feels this is beyond the pale is free to report it to Twitter via the usual mechanisms. Of course, you can also spread this blog far & wide to let people see how unpleasant & offensive the hs2 antis are nowadays.


Not only has not apology for this been received. Jones has gone on to Tweet this:

dd 14 aug 1

and, (even more bizarrely) this:

dd 14 aug 2