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Once again the award goes to Peter Jones from Camden who supposedly represents the ‘Pan Camden Alliance’ (a fancy name for one man & his dog) he’s surpassed himself to come out with this gratuitously offensive & libelous comment earlier this evening.

dead duck libel

It’s a typical example of the depths the anti Hs2 campaign’s willing to plumb. I’ve never understood why they thought being so abusive and offensive was ever going to persuade the people whose minds they needed to change to pull the plug on HS2. Can you imagine some civil servant approaching a Minister to say ‘Sir, I’ve just seen a very offensive and rather idiotic tweet regarding the HS2 project from someone I’ve never even heard of. I think you should reconsider building the line as a consequence’. Exactly, it’s bonkers. 


Not only has not apology for this been received. Jones has gone on to Tweet this:

dd 14 aug 1

and, (even more bizarrely) this:

dd 14 aug 2

When someone repeats offensive tweets then tries to get on their high horse about them being ‘defamed’ by republishing their own words you know their grasp on reality is tenuous but that’s been the theme that’s run through the anti HS2 ‘campaign’ (and I use that word loosely) right from the start. It’s why no-one’s taken these people seriously for years.

2023 update.

Jones is one of only a handful of opponents of HS2 who’re still wasting their time tweeting rubbish on a regular basis. You’d have though that – after wasting 13 years of his life – the penny would have dropped with him the way it has with the vast majority of those who used to oppose HS2 but but realised the futility of doing so ago. But that’s obsessives for you. I expect he’ll still be pretending he can stop HS2 on the day the first trains run.

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