Today was meant to be a relaxing one as I have a commission to cycle old railways in West Yorkshire to get pictures for a magazine, the weather’s being kind so I was looking forward to a stress-free day. Only in this job things don’t always go to plan. Instead of being able to relax & catch upon paperwork & editing on Friday it now looks I’ll be on a train back South this evening – just as the soon as I’ve ditched the bike at Leeds. At least I got home long enough to restock the suitcase. The next 36 hours promise to be rather long…

I really should get sponsorship from one of the Coffee companies.

UPDATE: 19:46.

What a great day we had. Sustrans did us proud & showed off some fascinating projects that are linking communities together using some of the regions old railways – and what impressive structures are on these lines too..

You’ll be able to read all about it (and see the pictures) in a forthcoming edition of RAIL magazine. Right now I’m on a VTEC service which is speeding is way to the capital, getting me in position for a very different type of job tomorrow. You’ll be able to see the results of this some time in the next 12 hours…