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Is it any wonder the world of journalism is held in such low esteem nowadays? Take this example from today’s Independent.


The Church of England is to oppose Hs2? Really?

No, of course not -as the C of E made clear to the Indy – who ignored them & fabricated a headline anyway in order to cobble together up some cheap knocking copy.

Here’s what the C of E really said.


Is that so difficult to understand by the Indy’s wordsmiths that they manage to translate it into the exact opposite? No, of course not. It simply shows the declining standards of that newspaper & why hardly anyone outside the M25 reads it nowadays. The story isn’t even new but presumably the Indy wanted to jump on the bandwagon the Express started with their non-story about Brunel being dug up to make way for Hs2

I don’t know why the Indy doesn’t bother to change the colour of its masthead to red & join the other downmarket rags it obviously aspires to be nowadays.