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The start of another hectic week sees me heading back to London for a few days, hopefully to drier climes! Yesterday’s Pennine weather, with low cloud, drizzle & appalling light was more suitable for November than July. As I type this I’m gazing out of the window of my Grand Central train to the capital as it trundles its way past the power stations (and one remaining deep mine) in the Aire valley, sipping coffee whilst enjoying the ever changing views and slowly improving weather.

I’ve a host of pictures to get later but I’ve also a convivial evening to look forward to as I’m attending a book signing & reading in Kentish Town. An old friend, the writer Michael Williams will be reading from his latest book, ‘The Trains Now Departed’.

The rest of the week is going to be far less relaxing! I’ve a interview shoot to do in central London first thing Tuesday morning, then a hectic day getting other pictures before another night in a hotel South of London ready for a 2am start on a ‘hush hush’ job that’ll involve a lot of waiting – and a lot of coffee. Hopefully you’ll see the pictures plastered all over the media afterwards.

Wednesday afternoon will see me heading back to Yorkshire, ready for a very different commission on Thursday which involves cycling along old railways around Yorkshire on some hired Brompton folding cycles (I can’t bring my own bike as we move between locations by car, apparently).

If the weather smiles on me on Friday, I’ll be back in Leeds all day. If not, I’ve got a plan B & C up my sleeve…

Not exactly a dull life, is it?