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Another short blog from me as today’s not been the most exciting of times unless you count dodging heavy rainstorms, potting cuttings for the garden and slaving over a hot keyboard in order to get a load of pictures edited! To be fair, the rainstorms were fun – as long as you weren’t caught out in the open by one. The forecast had threatened us with thunder but that never materialised which was a shame as I love a good thinderstorm. What was very much in evidence was the thunderous looking skies. Dark clouds forming a band low in the skies that contrasted magnificently with their lighter, wispier counterparts which were occasionally illuminated by the sun. All of this was played out whilst I had a grandstand view from the bedroom window. I do love the skies up here in the Pennines, they’re constantly changing to provide a stunning backdrop. Well, on the days they’re not doing their best to hide the valley – obviously!

Having successfully edited another tranche of pictures ready for captioning and with the weather having changed from showers to sunshine I made a break for freedom and a long walk through our local woods – Scarr and Long wood. Both are looking stunning at the moment as they’re covered in Bluebells. Long wood has the added attraction of wild Garlic flowering which adds another contrasting colour to that of the bluebells. The round trip is a lovely walk and good exercise as the woods cling to the side of the valley so are anything but flat.

Now it’s time to knock-off for the night and catch up with the ‘other half’ who’s still on holiday and been out for a long lunch with friends. So, I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures from today’s perambulations.

Bluebells and wild Garlic in Long wood
A mass of Bluebells adjacent to Scarr wood.

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