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It’s not exactly been a vintage Saturday here at Bigland Towers, not that we’ve spent much of the day at home. The weather here in the Pennines has been erratic to say the least with temperatures just breaking into double figures but often reduced by hazy cloud, poor visibility and a cold wind that made you feel like you’d gone back a season.

Still, we’ve been getting about a bit. Having had to pop over to Ossett this morning we decided to take a detour on the way home and go out for a late lunch at the Robin Hood pub in Pecket Well which we’d visited the other weekend and really enjoyed. Today the pub was quieter as we’d arrived between sittings so getting a table was no problem. I couldn’t resist having the giant stuffed Yorkshire pudding again, only this time with a lamb casserole filling. It was a good job I was hungry as the portion sizes are large, especially when you consider the meal comes with a selection of veg as well as the chips which form part of the main meal. Dawn opted for one of the dishes off the specials board and had Sea Bream, which whilst a smaller portion was just what she was looking for. Both meals were delicious and good value for money in this day and age. My meal cost £12.50 and I had a pint of a decent local draught bitter which was on sale for £3 – winner!


Rather than stay for another drink we decided to try out another pub in the nearby village of Chiserley called the Hare and Hounds. It’s a great location as it sits high on the valley side above Hebden Bridge with commanding views across the valley as far as Stoodley Pike and beyond. It looks like a typical country pub from the outside (the inside is another matter).

The Hare and Hounds.

The place is a Timothy Taylor’s pub so only their beers were on sale and there were four to choose from. Not a problem as I don’t mind Tim Taylor’s beers although they’re not my favourite. I ordered a pint of Golden Best and a half pint of coke for Dawn. The bill? 8 bleedin’ quid! £5.50 for the beer and £2.50 for the coke! For a minute I though I was back in London! We stood at the bar as the inside of the pub’s far smaller than the outside suggests, a situation that isn’t helped by all the weird and wonderful tat that clutters the place. The places makes a great play of the fact it’s in Yorkshire (easy to forget when you see the prices) and of the pub name – apart from the problem the decor is mismatched? Why’s the bar cluttered with Alice in Wonderland white rabbit models when it’s called the Hare, and why a huge pictures of a stag – but no hounds? Oh, and as for the loud music…

We finished our drinks swiftly and moved on, still in shock at how much we’d paid. Dawn’s parting comment was ‘thank God I hadn’t asked for a pint of Coke!” To restore our equilibrium we called in at a proper pub with proper prices – the other Robin Hood, this time in Cragg Vale. No robbery happens here, despite the name! There’s no loud music either, just decent conversation as it’s a friendly little place. When paying for our our drinks Dee couldn’t help mention where we’d just come from, which sparked an interesting round of comments from others in the pub who’d had similar experiences. Ah well, you live and learn…

Now we’re back at home and settled in the for night. I’m still stuffed from my earlier meal so there’s no need to eat tonight. Meanwhile Dee’s been busy in the kitchen making one of her fabulous Bakewell Tarts as cooking therapy. Tomorrow’s going to be a domestic day, but we might get out for a walk at some point, but I know one place we won’t be visiting!

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