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Today’s my last day of being ‘confined’ to barracks as it were – although it’s not been a bad one at all. This morning I was kept busy in the office, sorting out emails and preparing for the conference in Goole tomorrow. I’ll be blogging throughout the day (as time permits) to keep up abreast of what’s going on. Organised by Birmingham’s BCRRE the title of the event is ‘Supporting the rail supply chain’. There’s a good range of speakers and the guest list shows the event is well-attended. I’ll certainly be catching up with some old friends and familiar faces at least.

This afternoon the tempo was very different. Rather than being chained to my desk I was stapled to the sink! I’d several dishes to cook for Dawn’s works ‘do’ tomorrow, which kept me occupied for most of the afternoon. Now the house is full of delicious smells because of all the different fresh spices I’ve used. There’s or staple – tarka dahl (dahl with fried spaces). Aromatic Bombay Potato, which I haven’t cooked for a while, plus another batch of cucumber curry. After work Dawn made a creamy Chicken Korma whilst I finished off the session with fragrant Basmati rice, cooked with Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamon pods and Bay leaves – with an added dollop of butter. If you’re hungry, look away now…

All prepared. The ingredients for Bombay potato.
The finished product – and just as good as I remember it.
Tarka Dahl
Cucumber curry. I posted the prep’ for this a few days ago.

Time to go. I’ve got to pack my kit for tomorrow as I’m on an 07:39 train in the morning…

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