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Today’s been one of those ‘dolly mixture’ sort of days where I’ve been doing allsorts (you’re mixing your sweetie metaphors: Ed). I’ve had a full calendar trying to catch up on work after having been away, so I’ve a large inbox of picture editing to clear. Then there’s been the usual paperwork to sort out – plus the fact I had a visit booked to an Osteopath for a check-up. I did manage to add a load of the High Speed 2 pictures I’ve taken to my Zenfolio website which you can find here.

I’m pleased to report that the Osteopath was very impressed with my old bones and their skeletal alignment so gave me a clean bill of health. Well, after freeing some tension in my neck with an armlock and a resounding ‘crack’ – but apart from that ‘dem bones’ is doing fine. The appointment was over in Lindley which is a lovely suburb of Huddersfield. I’m assuming it’s a village that’s been subsumed by an expanding town back in Victorian times, but it retains it’s own charm and a range of shops, cafe’s and pubs that give it a distinctive feel – as you’ll see in today’s picture. Dawn’s been visiting the same Osteopath for a little while to try and sort out a couple of niggles she has and it was Dee’s suggestion that I get myself checked out after the problem I had whilst I was away. Carrying a camera bag that often weighs 12-13 kilos or more can play havoc with your muscles – as I’ve found out a couple of times in my career.

Appointments over we called into a local garden-centre to restock out collection of herbs. The winter hadn’t been kind to some of our long-established plants as we lost the Rosemary and Thyme – although I’m happy to say the Parsley and Sage survived, so we’re halfway to a song there! Having bough what we needed and acquired a load more compost I spent a couple of hours in the garden on our return. It was an ideal afternoon for it. We’ve had a lot of sunshine today and you can feel the heat returning as the year rolls on. So, all in all – it’s not been a bad day.

Now it’s time to enjoy the evening before another busy day tomorrow but before I go I’ll leave you with today’s picture. There’s a lovely old (Edwardian) clocktower in Lindley. I feel it has a faint Germanic air, what do you think?

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