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I’ve had a fantastic time travelling through Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore these past two months, but I have to admit it was rather nice to get back to Bigland Towers yesterday after such a long journey back to the UK. Dawn was a star and prepared food for the pair of us whilst I unpacked and got used to being home again. Come early evening the lack of sleep caught up with me. Apparently, I fell asleep by 20:30. I was wide awake again by 05:00 so crept out of bed so as not to disturb Dee and spent several hours editing pictures in the office before Dawn woke. My body clock was telling me 05:00 was early afternoon Singapore time. I suspect my sleep patterns will take a few days for my natural rhythms to adjust which is why the two of us have had a slow, relaxed day today. Well, that and the fact we’ve both been on our own for the past couple of months so have to get used to being a couple again. In truth, we’ve both had a lovely day at home catching up with each other about all those things you can’t fit into a weekly video call which is what we kept up whilst I was away.

Come late afternoon with the yesterday’s snow having nearly all melted we walked down into Sowerby Bridge for the first time this year. It being Sunday the place was quiet. The supermarkets and most other places were shut. Even the few pubs that were open were quiet. All except the ‘Hogshead’ brew pub where we called in for a drink. That place was full but not overflowing so we managed to find a seat. It felt strange to be back in a pub after being in Asia for so long. I’d rarely visited any bars whilst I’d been away – and those that I had were very different to a British pub full of white faces!

Now, having enjoyed the fruits of Dawn’s efforts in the kitchen which produced slow-cooked chicken with pressure-cooked veg we’re having a quiet night in and about to enjoy each others company whilst watching a film. I’ll be working from home for much of this week as there’s loads to catch up with but I plan to have a day out covering some of the changes going on with the rail network in the North-West – weather permitting…

The nearest I got to a local pub in Malaysia was this beer and wine shop in Georgetown. In the evening customers would grab a stool or two and take over the road outside. There was a fantastic mix of locals from different communities, expats and travellers from all around the world.

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