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It’s been a quiet Christmas Eve here at Bigland Towers. Dawn departed yesterday, heading down to Surrey with her folks to meet up with her Brother and his family for the annual Platt family get-together. This year I’ve stayed behind in order to do some work to the cottage before I head off to Asia so part of today’s been spent filling and sanding the back door in readiness for painting, a job that’ll keep me occupied tomorrow. It’s not your traditional Xmas I know, but I’ve never really been that big on such things. For many years I was either in Asia over the festive season or donning orange PPE to work on various Christmas holiday blockades for Network Rail. At least this holiday I’m allowed to have a drink!

I did take some time off to enjoy the sunny weather and stroll into Halifax for a mooch around. I have to admit the place is growing on me. I never really spent much time in the town when I first moved up here from London, but the town’s changed since those days. It’s become quite a vibrant place due to the fantastic restoration of the Piece Hall, along with the amount of micro-pubs that have opened. There’s still a good range of shops too, unlike nearby Huddersfield which feels very much in decline. Plus, there’s some wonderful architecture around town, making it an attractive place to explore. I keep meaning to have a day out with the camera to capture some of the details but never seem to get around to it. Today I left the camera bag at home, which made it really feel like a holiday!

I wasn’t the only one in the holiday spirit as the town centre was really busy with many of the pubs, bars and cafes doing a good business, which was good to see. I popped into the lovely Victorian craft beer cafe for a pint and spot of people-watching before walking back for a quiet night at home and chance to catch up on paperwork and chores before breaking out the Christmas cheese stash and opening a bottle of good red wine, which I intend to enjoy with a movie.

So, whatever you’re doing dear reader, let me wish you all the best for the festive season.

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