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We’ve had a quiet weekend here in Bigland Towers. Mainly because we’ve had a busy week and the weather’s not been brilliant, so we’ve made the most of the time to be able to kick-back at home and pick up on a few household chores, enjoy some of Dawn’s fabulous cooking – and sort out stuff for the forthcoming festive season. Our morning coffee was disturbed by the presence of the West Yorkshire police helicopter which spent the best part of an hour hovering over the valley before flying off to refuel and return. We knew it must be more than a road accident, so Dee checked the local Facebook groups and found that a teenage lad had gone missing in the early hours after a celebration. Many local people had joined in today’s search for them after they were reported missing. Overnight temperatures were so low he’d have been at risk of hypothermia if nothing else. Thankfully he was found and taken to hospital.

As the Mercury’s heading South whilst energy bills are rising I’ve spent some productive time insulating the kitchen door that leads out to the back of the house. It’s a single-skin wooden door of the two-part ‘stable’ variety, so I’ve reskinned the inside with s second layer of fibreboard along with an insulation layer sandwiched in-between. I’ve also removed and sealed up the cat flap now our old boy (Jet) is no longer with us. We’re not going to get another cat as they need all nine lives around here due to the idiot car-drivers who insist on treating the narrow road outside the house as a bloody racetrack. Our next-door neighbour has lost three cats this way and Jet’s sister (Cosmo) also got knocked down many years ago. We miss having a moggie about the place but at least we don’t have to worry about what to do with them when we go away.

DIY done and Dee’s cooking prepped we both enjoyed an afternoon constitutional stroll down into Sowerby Bridge to pick up a bit of shopping, have a drink at a local hostelry then wander back along the local canal before nightfall. Now we’re back at home. I’m catching up with some more picture editing whilst Dee’s been busy in the kitchen. There’s some fantastic smells wafting upstairs, one of which is a home-made Bakewell tart, which is competing with slow-cooked lamb!

The pair of us have another busy week tomorrow, which starts off with my father-in-law’s 88th birthday, so we’re off out for lunch. There won’t be a rolling blog, but there might be a few pictures in the evening. Talking of pictures, here’s todays. As Dawn’s been cooking up such a storm I couldn’t resist posting Sunday night’s supper. Slow-cooked Lamb rolled rump, served with Kale, roast Parsnips, Sprouts and roast Potatoes with gravy made from the slow-cooker stock.

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