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We’ve been having a lazy few days here in Lardos. Partly because we can (we’re on holiday after all) and partly because these past few days we’ve had a dramatic change in the weather. Yesterday (Saturday) the sunshine was overwhelmed by an amazing thunder and lightning storm accompanied by torrential rain that had been making its way Eastwards across the Mediterranean before arriving in our neck of the woods in the Aegean. We managed a pleasant few hours by the hotel pool, reading and sunbathing before the skies darkened, the temperature dropped and the wind got up. I’m used to tropical storms, having seen plenty of them in South-East Asia. But this is the first time I’ve experienced something similar in this neck of the woods. It was spectacular to say the least. The sky was as black as Hades and the rain was torrential. We sought shelter in the bar downstairs where we could watch the show without getting soaked and enjoy a drink in the process. My only regret was I never managed to catch any of the amazing lightning strikes out at sea on camera – try as I might. Even so, here’s a few pictures from yesterday’s entertainment.

Skies as black as Hades yesterday as the storm swept in from the West.
Pomegranate growing on a tree outside the local supermarket. You don’t get this at Tesco!
If Pomegranates aren’t your thing, there’s always Olives…

The storm stayed with us overnight and into today, although we had a respite this morning that allowed us to catch some sun before walking up into the village for coffee, chance to watch the world go by and stock up on shopping before the skies darkened once again and we found ourselves indulging in a brisk walk home to escape the oncoming storm. At the time of writing (mid afternoon) we’ve escaped the worst of the stormfront although the rain’s keeping most people indoors bar one hardy family who’ve decided this is a good time to have the swimming pool to yourselves. Besides, if you’re in a pool, why would you mind about some rain?

Sitting outside a lovely little Greek coffee shop, looking over at the local supermarket, then spotting the sky and thinking “perhaps it’s time to shop and go walk home, before this sky catches up with us”!

Dee and I have decided it’s time to retreat to our room and enjoy downtime. Well, not *entirely* downtime for me as I’ve a RAIL article that needs to be finished. I can think of worse places to be stuck scribbling!

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