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As the country gears up (or not) for the predicted heatwave over the past few days we’ve had a ‘phoney war’ sort of day here in the Pennines. Temperatures have risen but we’ve had a reassuring breeze and thin cloud that’s kept the thermometers in check. Oh, the sun’s still been strong when it’s been out but few people have been reduced to staying out of the sun altogether.

The pair of us went walking down in to Sowerby Bridge earlier to pick up some shopping, get a few steps in and also enjoy the time out. The place was hardly packed but you could seen that pubs with beer gardens were certainly doing a steady trade as people made the most of the conditions. We didn’t linger long, just enough time for a swift drink before a walk along the canal and a climb through the woods to get home.

The forecast is that the heat will start hitting us tomorrow, but as we’re over 140 metres above sea level on the side of a Pennine valley we’re not going to cop for crazy temperatures the way folks to the East and West are predicted to – but we’ll see. I suspect much of tomorrow will be spent sat up on our terrace baking – or hiding indoors and getting some work done! I have to admit, I’m a sun worshipper. Having spent so much time in the tropics I’m more used to extremes than some. My concern is more what these extreme temperatures mean for the planet rather then my melanin. The next few days will tell. They’ll certainly cause some fun for out transport network including the railways as we’re not set up for this. Railway track is stressed to expand/contract within certain parameters. This weather will surpass those, which is why people are warned not to travel – although I suspect I will be doing so as part of my job – to record the effects.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with today’s picture, which is the view across the Calder Valley from above our house taken earlier today.

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