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Well, that’s another month ticked off on the calendar, we’re now in May although the weather belies that fact. It’s bleedin’ chilly up here in the Pennines. The days may be getting longer but the temperatures aren’t keeping up with the spirit of the seasons. Today’s drab conditions meant that neither Dawn or I have been particularly active, instead we’ve spent most of the day recharging our batteries and pottering around at home, sorting out bits and bobs for the future and our impending trip to Berlin.

Late in the day we did slip into another gear, Dee headed for the kitchen to prepare us a gorgeous evening meal (lamb and lots of veg) whilst I made it outside for a semblance of exercise by walking for an hour but failing miserably to hit my daily targets. Ho hum! Still, it’s a bank holiday weekend, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much – at least it’s not all been spent in a pub! Plus, tomorrow’s another day…

What I have managed to do to redeem myself is get more old railway slides sorted ready for sale on eBay. You can find out what’s on offer by following this link. Right now there’s over 500 diverse slides that include rail images from the UK, Malaysia, India and Ireland – with hundreds more to add. The next batch will feature some historic shots – one of which is today’s picture of the day.

Back in 1991 I visited India which still had hundreds of steam locomotives working on both the broad gauge and metre gauge networks. They weren’t in isolated areas either. Steam could still be found in the capital, New Delhi. I managed to blag my way around the steam shed at Old Delhi railway station. The dilapidated state of the she was reminiscent of pictures of the end of British steam back in 1968. So, watch out for this slide being offered for sale tomorrow. Here’s one of the majestic WP Class broad-gauge 4-6-2 ‘Pacific’ locomotives seen on the 17th October 1991.

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