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Bugger, despite my gradual return to form as I shake off the ‘rona’ I’m still testing positive for Covid, which is cramping my style good-time as I’m avoiding everybody and everything (bar the great outdoors) until I start testing clear. I’m the last in the family – both my Father and Mother in law are now in the clear and Dawn’s never contracted it. I should be past the infectious stage now but I’m not willing to put anyone at risk – so no Friday quiz night for me…

Instead, Dawn and I managed to get out for a reasonably long walk through our local woods, although that was touch and go at one point as the weather really wasn’t playing ball. We had glorious sunshine this morning but the temperature was anything but spring like. By the time we’d finished up the work we were doing the sky had changed and kept dumping hail and snow upon us at regular intervals. It certainly made for some dramatic skies but Baltic conditions. Undeterred, we headed out for an hour to get some exercise. The beauty of the weather was bugger-all people were around apart for a few hardened dog-walkers, so I wasn’t too perturbed. Plus, if Covid can hang around long in the cold, windy and wet conditions we were out in then it deserves to survive!

So, for us it’s a quiet night in watching the TV, having enjoyed a glorious sunset as the skies cleared at an opportune moment and let the setting sun illuminate the undersides of the high cloud that decided to hang around. Dawn’s been busy in the kitchen, rustling up a prawn stir-fry so we’re certainly not going to starve – which means it’s time for me to bid adieu and leave you with the picture of the day, which is another old slide from the latest batch of images of India that I’ve been scanning. This is another from my favourite Indian city of Mysore. The city has an excellent market although there’s one area that vegetarians should certainly avoid – and meat-eaters who are so divorced from the food-chain that they think that everything every carnivore eats comes in cellophane wrapped polystyrene trays! Sanitation, hygiene and animal welfare are not high on the agenda…

You get an idea what this area of the market might be like when you look up and notice that many of the surrounding buildings are crowded with Raptors who sit there, eagle-eyed just waiting for the opportunity to snatch scraps as the butcher’s shops are open to the street. In fact, some butchers deliberately throw scraps into the street to allow the birds to swoop down and feed. It’s quite a sight to watch an Eagle do this – and it certainly makes a change from Pigeons!

Not an easy thing to capture on the slow slide film that I was using at the time (January 1996) but I did manage this after a few practice runs. I’d love to go back with a modern DSLR and try my luck again.

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