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There’s only a short blog from me today. Despite still testing positive for Covid I know that I’ll be clear any day now so I’m keen to try and return back to a normal life – part of which is increasing my exercise levels and stamina. I’m not a great one for taking to my sick-bed as I start chafing after a couple of days. Unfortunately the weather’s not been conducive to long strolls due to the constant rain storms so I’ve been doing more weights than walking. Hopefully the bouts of tiredness that seem to be a symptom of Covid will soon be a thing of the past.

Not that there’s been little to be getting on with at home of course. I still owe one magazine an article, plus I’ve been trying to catch up with picture editing, decluttering and restarting slide scanning – a project that’s very much taken a backseat recently. I can’t dedicate the time to it that I did during lockdown but I’m determined to keep that particular ball rolling as part of my decluttering – if nothing else. Today’s picture is from the latest batch.

Back in January 1996 a group of us were in Mysore, India. A larger group of us had spent Christmas in Goa but Lynn, I and a couple of friends from North London had more time to explore and visit one of my favourite Indian cities. Whilst we were there I spotted this rather surreal gem. I’ve always admired the hand painted posters you see across India, be it adverts for films, shop signs or just general hoardings. Local artists are kept busy with these (often huge) hoardings and they make a welcome break from the standardised adverts back in Europe. But every so often you see one and thing “wait, what?” This was one…

Quite what a woman playing a saxophone has to do with sanitaryware is a complete mystery – especially a woman dressed like that, which is hardly traditional. I had to do a double-take when I saw it as I really couldn’t work out the message. But maybe that was the idea as it certainly stuck in my conscious because as adverts go ‘bog standard’ it wasn’t!

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