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Not a day that I was expecting at all – in more ways than one! My first surprise was on opening the bedroom blind this morning to find we’d had an inch of snow overnight which left the valley looking wonderful. There wasn’t a breath of wind so the snow had stayed on all the trees and bushes, adding to the winter wonderland effect. Flurries were still arriving but in between we had patches of blue sky which shed pools of glorious sunlight around the valley. This seemed like too good a chance to miss from a photographic perspective so I began packing the camera bag in order to head out and make the most of the opportunity for some snow shots before the scene changed and the snow melted in the sun.

Before I did I decided to err on the side of caution and take a lateral flow test as Norah, my Mother In Law had tested positive for Covid 19 at the beginning of the week and we’d seen them on Sunday. I’d taken a test on Monday which was negative so I really wasn’t expecting anything to change. Dawn had done a test yesterday which was also negative. Having done the test I went for a shave and thought no more about it until I returned to the bedroom and gave a cursory glance at the strip once more.

It was positive.

Oh, sh*t! Now I understood why I’d thought I was maybe coming down with a cold and felt achy and out of sorts. So, that was my plans for the foreseeable out of the window. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valour I cancelled my engagements and took myself off to bed whilst Dawn also re-arranged her calendar as the both of are confining ourselves to barracks until I get the all-clear. Hopefully Dawn will remain Covid-free.

Having mentioned my discovery on Twitter and Facebook I was amazed by the number of friends who’ve either only recently recovered or have also just tested positive for Covid. The pandemic hasn’t gone away in any way, shape or form – despite the fact the Government are doing their best to pretend it’s no longer an issue. It’s frustrating as the pair of us made it this far Covid free – as did Dawn’s mum and dad. The only saving grace it that I’ve presumably contracted the less damaging Omicron version and that my symptoms seem mild. Even so, I’m not going to push myself. Instead I’m going to sit this one out and give my body the chance to shake it off – and not put anyone else at risk of infection either.

If I feel up to it I may blog about a few things, but if not you’ll have to excuse my absence for a while.

As for the picture of the day, it’s the view from our bedroom window this morning when the world seemed rather a different place…

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