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The hectic pace of last week hasn’t let up over the weekend. I may be based back at home but most of my time’s been spent working. I’ve a haul of hundreds of pictures to collate and edit from Friday which has been made more complicated than it needed to be by a battery choosing yesterday to expire.

My Nikons carry a tiny battery buried away inside the main battery compartment whose sole function is to keep the date/time function ticking over independent of the main (humongous) battery. They last for ages. In fact, this one’s lasted for 6 years despite the Nikon manual suggesting you replace them after 2 years. Maybe I should have listened – or at least carried a spare. Why? Because on my job on Friday this battery decided to finally give up the ghost. Not a problem you’d probably think as the camera won’t stop working. You’d be right. But…

What it does mean is that the EXIF data on every photo is exactly the same. They’re all taken at 00:00 on 1/1/2016 – which means trying to sort them our is a friggin nightmare as there’s absolutely no order to them when you download them from the camera. Collating pictures becomes a game of hide and seek! Still, it’s done now which is just as well.

Despite this added excitement (and extra hours) we’ve had a good weekend. Last night we went out for a meal with a couple of friends who’re stalwarts of the Mytholmroyd station friends group. We’ve known Sue and Geoff for many years now. Pre-Covid we’d regularly meet for drinks and food but the Pandemic put paid to all that – until last night when the four of us enjoyed a lovely meal and drinks at this bar and tapas place in Mytholmroyd. I’m not going to bore you with selfies and food pictures from the night. It’s not why we were there, this was just an evening with friends without pressures.

Today’s seen me with my nose pressed firmly against the grindstone, sorting out my clients pictures from Friday as I’m back on the rails again tomorrow carrying out part 2 of their current commission and calling in to Chesterfield to do so. Plus, I’ve a shedload of writing to do next week and deadlines to meet – deadlines made all the more tight by taking on this last-minute commission! Still, my bank balance will thank me…

So, expect a rolling (or maybe stumbling) blog tomorrow as I make my way from Halifax to Chesterfield and back. In the meantime here’s the picture of the day which is from my expedition trackside on the Haywards Heath blockade which is coming to an end this weekend. The main compound was in the carpark at Haywards Heath station but the worksite was further South in a deep cutting. The only way to get there was to walk through the 249 yard long Haywards Heath tunnel – which is rather wet due to water ingress but at least the juice rail was isolated. Mind you, we weren’t the only occupants of the tunnel as this engineers train took up one road. Not exactly a place you normally get to wander around, is it?

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