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No blog yesterday as (to be honest) there’s not been much to tell. I’ve been continuing to work from home, the weather’s been crap but Dawn’s been continuing to recover from the lurgi. Oh, I have been getting out boost my exercise levels, enjoying wandering around the valley despite the weather, but that’s been about it.

Mundane the routine may be but it’s also been enjoyable as I don’t often get this amount of time to spend at home and next week the pace changes completely due to a short-notice job coming in today which means I’ll be spending much of next week on the road (or more accurately – the rails) as I’ll now be in Leamington Spa on Tuesday, London on Wednesday and Bristol on Thursday, which will give me plenty to blog about!

In the meantime, I’m continuing to make the most of my time at home, including wading through more old slide scans one of which provides today’s picture. This was taken in India in December 1995. I’ve mentioned previously that a group of us all met up in Arambol, North Goa. One of the group was my brother, John. We’d taken a day off from the beach to tour the local market at Mapusa, the main town for North Goa. The market’s an amazingly vibrant place, typical of many Indian markets apart from the fact it’s also dotted with lots of tiny bars as Goa (being an old Portugese colony) has a much more relaxed attitude to alcohol than most Indian states. The market’s a place where hundreds of people of all ages try and scarpe a living – one way or another, which is what led to this picture.

John had been shopping for fruit which he’d been given in the ubiquitous plastic bag. This young girl was trying to sell plastic bags and accosted John. Not unreasonably, he explained he didn’t need it as he’d already got one, quick as a flash, this girl stuck a bigger bag over it and said ‘but I sell you a bag to carry your bag in”! Indian kids are sharp and quick-witted and this little girl was no exception. John couldn’t help laughing and I was on hand to capture the moment on camera as the girl was happy to pose for the picture. Needless to say, she sold her bag! On another occasion I remember a young shoe-shine boy with the same quick wittedness. A friend he was pestering thought he’d got the perfect brush-off when he told the lad “but I like my shoes dirty” – in a flash the kid replied “OK, then I make them dirtier”!

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