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Apologies for absence these past few days folks but I’ve been busy dealing with life, the universe and everything. Which includes the weather. Yesterday we were hit by a gale with the innocuous name of ‘Malik’. For a change it didn’t arrive overnight where we were simply kept awake but couldn’t see its effect until morning. This time it blew most of the day, which was ‘interesting’ as the effect the gales had on the local woodland was instructive to say the least. We managed to survive mostly unscathed from what I can ascertain so far although I really need to be able to get onto the roof for a close examination. There’s odd chunks of material that have plonked themselves on the slabs (this being Yorkshire, we have a stone roof, not slate) which makes me wonder about the cement capping on the chimneys. The biggest surprise was to see that an Azealea bush which I have planted in a tub with the whole thing weighing several kilos was blown off its sheltered position on a roof at the back of the house. That’s one thing I didn’t expect to move! The other morning I did have to take down a bird-feeder outside the bedroom window which bares to full force of the wind across the valley as it was doing a passable impression of a propeller!

In-between gales we’ve been having a quiet weekend at home. I’ve been prepping a few new blogs and cooking Dee’s been busy with similar culinary activities and enjoying her well-earned weekend. We’ve even sallied forth together to meet friends at our local pub which feels a lot less risky and far more normal now the Pandemic is receding.

Now it’s Sunday evening and we’re battening down the hatches for the next storm in the cycle. We enjoyed a long walk earlier whilst the weather was good and even nipped up to one of our favorite pubs for a quick drink and chats afterwards although we could already see the next storm-front arriving over the horizon as we approached. Having buggered off home we’re now relaxing in the warm whilst the rain beats down outside. We’ve both got a busy few days ahead so a quiet night in with a home-made seafood risotto isn’t a bad way to end the week.

With such thoughts I’ll leave you with the picture of the day, which is very different to Yorkshire. I took this shot at the Columbia Rd flower market in the spring of 1996. I was still living in London’s East End at the time and this was the market where we all went to buy our plants, carrying them back home by tube or on bikes. In those days it was still a fascinating mix of the traditional and bohemian – as this picture shows. The chap in the hat was a classic old stallholder, barking out the prices to people in a way that hadn’t changed in years.

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