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It’s a short blog from me today as I’ve not had the most exciting of days. Much of it has been taken up with paperwork and general administration, along with household and the rest of the mundanities that keep life ticking over whilst you tread water, waiting for something more exciting to appear over the horizon.

There’s still plenty to blog about of course, it’s just finding the time. I suspect my next opus will when the Government finally release details of the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) and the Eastern leg of HS2. There’s been mountains of speculation in the media about this over the past few days. It’s looking like the Government are announcing policy by leak, but I’ve resisted the temptation to comment until we actually see what’s announced rather than leaked. If the news is as piss-poor as we’re lead to believe, I won’t be holding back. But until then…

Ignoring the hoo-ha, I did manage to tear myself away from my desk and enjoy an amble around the valley with Dawn. The weather was far more changeable than had been forecast but we managed to avoid the rain to enjoy a pleasant (if slightly chilly) stroll down to Sowerby Bridge, along the canal and back up through the woods to home. Feeling virtuous, I then set about scanning some more old slides in an effort to break the logjam caused by having too many other things to do. I only managed to get 20 done, but that only leaves me 3 more pages to go before another albums finished. That leaves me just 6 here in the home office (and the same amount off-site) meaning the project will finally be finished in early 2022. At long last!

The current album’s a real mix of personal shots and a few travel images that were never filed properly for one reason or another. I never quite know what I’m going to find in these albums, but today’s picture was one of them.

I took this shot on the 22nd May 1992 when I was travelling solo for a year. I spotted these young Water Buffalo and their mother wallowing in a mud-bath in a field on Samosir Island, Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia when I was out for a walk and I couldn’t resist grabbing a shot.

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