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As expected I’ve been busy sat at home writing for a living today, compiling words for an article for one magazine whilst sending off pictures on a different issue to another, thus freeing me up from work tomorrow, which is no bad thing as it’s my birthday. Dawn’s made a fantastic chocolate cake that’s sitting in the kitchen now, ready to be consumed tomorrow.

With the writing over I fell into somewhat of an introspective mood. I’m missing travelling. I don’t mean up and down the UK as there’s plenty of that on the horizon. No, I mean getting away from ‘plague island’ and all its troubles to remember that the rest of the world does things differently and in many cases seems a lot happier for it. Without wanting to wish my life away, I’m looking forward to 2022 when the world is expected to start opening up again and I can rediscover some of the places I’ve missed these past couple of years.

I suspect my sense of ennui hasn’t been helped by stumbling across some Youtube videos of a singer I’ve admired for decades and whose music has travelled with me for the past 30 years – Joni Mitchell. Her album ‘Blue’ contains a track that’s been part of my travels since 1991 when a friend added it to a mix of songs on a cassette tape (yes, it was *that* long ago!) to take with me on my SE Asia solo adventure. The track, ‘Carey’ had such a resonance that I’ve had the album ever since. So, here’s Joni performing it on Youtube (complete with an explanation about the song’s origin)..

Meanwhile, here’s the picture of the day which I still have on my laptop which is from different travels. It’s an image of the Eyre Mountains opposite Queenstown, New Zealand that I took on the 27th February 1999…

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