We’ve had another mixed-fortunes sort of day here at Bigland Towers. Not exactly the rock and roll lifestyle, but not monotone either. I’ve been keeping busy with editing pictures taken earlier in the week as well as slowly getting through more old slides whilst Dawn’s been busy slogging away in the downstairs office cum living room running the Community Rail Network office from home. Come lunchtime I’d had enough and decided to pick up my new glasses from Specsavers in Huddersfield, despite the fact the rain was chucking it down. Fortunately, Dee parent’s had come over for coffee, so I managed to get a lift which saved me a long walk and a soaking.

I was due an eye test just before Covid hit but the pandemic put the mockers on any idea of getting updated glasses, so by the time I went to get my eyes checked out a fortnight ago it was nearly four years since I’d had new spec’s. Picking them up today made me realise how much my eyesight had changed. As soon as I slipped on the new pair the world came back into sharp focus – and without scratches of blotches where where photochromatic coating on my old ones had decayed. What a relief! You forget how you get used to things – for better or worse. It’s the old boiling frogs syndrome, only optical. What I also noticed was that because my short-sightedness has improved it’s now easier to see things closer up as the lenses aren’t having to be as strong so now I don’t have to perch them on the end of my nose so much when I look at things closer in – like my phone.

I made my way back home on the train via Dewsbury and stopped en-route to get a few pictures on the way. Well, it would have been rude not to – especially as the weather had done a volte-face. The rain and uniform grey clouds had given way to patches of blue sky and bolts of sunshine. All was well with the world! So, for once, the picture of the day’s not going to be exotic, historic or scenic I’m afraid, it’s just me in my new specs. Be seeing you!..

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