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And relax… It seems some of my recent blogs on the nonsense Byline Times and the Guardian have published about the HS2 rail project have ruffled a few feathers judging by the traffic on my blog and comments on social media! That’s what happens when you critique lazy journalism with facts and references, you upset both right and left as each have an axe to grind so the truth is always the first casualty.

So, tonight I’m avoiding any political comment or critique. I’m going to talk about other things instead – like the weather! Who’s nicked the sunshine? We’ve had another indifferent day in the Calder Valley where heavy skies and the constant threat of rain has always been in the background. To be honest, it’s not been much of a problem as I’ve been office based, trying to work my way through the haul of pictures I took earlier in the week. Well, that and juggling various household chores and still trying to keep up my exercise regime. Where do the hours go?

One ray of sunshine was being able to stroll into Sowerby Bridge, visit the local Lidl and find the ‘Red Cross supplies’ had arrived. After several days of almost empty shelves the beer and wine section had been restocked, allowing me to panic buy – sorry, restock on bottles of their nice Hatherwoods IPA which has been very absent of late. Admittedly, carrying a ‘last supper’ number of bottles back up the hill to home in a rucsac left me in need of refreshment (and a shower), but hey!…

I’ll now turn off for the evening and leave you with a picture of the day. I was going to have a last evening stroll to complete my step total for the day but after cooking supper the weather had other plans. Here’s how sunset was in the Calder valley the other evening, when the descending orb in the sky was fighting a losing battle with incoming rain clouds. We didn’t even get this far tonight

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