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Well, what can I say about today that doesn’t read like a teenagers diary (got up, had breakfast etc)? It’s been bloody cold, there’s still snow on the ground and I’ve performed many of the same actions that I’ve performed most days for the past few months. Yep, it’s just another lockdown ‘Groundhog Day’. The only difference being the other members of our bubble (Dawn’s parents) popped over as John wanted to replace an element in our cooker. Like many ‘simple’ jobs, it proved to be anything but – especially as John’s 86 and was doing the sort of job a lot of far younger (and less fit) guys would struggle with! Aided and abetted by his wife Norah they go the job done but we did feel guilty for letting them choosing this way to repay us for the help we’ve been happy to give them.

Meanwhile, Dee and I cracked on with day jobs. Part of mine has provided the picture of the day. I took this shot in Beaumaris, Anglesey on the 26th October 2000. I was touring parts of North Wales at the time ticking off pictures from a shot-list for a forthcoming Lonely Planet guide to Wales. Many of the shots I took were used although this one wasn’t but it still remains a favourite. Partially because I have family connections with the town, but also because I love the light.

Looking down the pier at Beaumaris across the Menai strait to Snowdonia.

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