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What – is it the end of January already? What an odd month, where time has seemed elastic, sometimes stretching out in a series of ‘Groundhog day’ moments due the the Covid restrictions, yet on other days the month has flown by. The problem was, you never really knew which was going to be which!

That busyness has kept me from blogging as much as I’d planned, although the farcical anti HS2 demonstration has given some light relief as the remaining demonstrators who’re holed up in their tunnel try to pass the buck to HS2 for the situation they’re in due to their cluelessness when it comes to digging. The fact they chose to dig in sandy soil during the wettest time of the year won’t qualify them for any awards! The only question now is how long this farce drags on. Will they come out, or will they be dragged out. Either way, it won’t stop any work on building HS2 as they’re hundreds of metres away from any active worksites!

The rest of the weekend’s been quiet due to the mixed weather and lockdown. It’s not like there’s many places we can go, so life’s quite mundane. Apart from chores, walking, cooking and scanning old slides life’s been much of a muchness. But, I do have a new picture of the day from the latest batch of slide scans. I took this on the 12th September 1999 at Robin Hood’s Bay. Lynn and I were spending a long weekend at the wonderfully named Boggle Hole Youth Hostel, which made a great base for coastal walks.

Robin Hood’s Bay is a picturesque little place with some marvelous coastline and beaches that are great for just ambling along, beachcombing at low tide when some impressive rock formations are exposed. If the weather changes for the worst there’s also a couple of decent pubs in which to seek refuge.

In February I’ll be starting scanning another album of pictures from India, so expect a real variety of shots from Goa and the Gujarat.

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