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Just like ‘Lockdown 1.0’ the latest version has rendered the weekend superflous for many of us – it’s morphed from something special into just another day. All the events people could look forward to attending (be it sporting events, restaurants or just going to the pub) have all been taken away. The only thing remaining is the ability to have a lie-in as you don’t have to go to work.

That situation’s rather different for us freelances as work is something that’s been taken away from many of us too! Despite that, I was up early to keep up my weekly routine of starting the day by editing or scanning pictures in an effort to feel something had been achieved. I must admit, I’ve rather enjoyed these early mornings and the chance to watch the sun rise across the valley – which it did with aplomb this morning as the skies remained clear and the valley fog-free. The pair of us decided to make the most of the conditions and enjoy a long stroll to an area we don’t normally walk to. High above Sowerby Bridge is the very edge of Halifax and an area called Norton Tower. Along with the nearby village of Warley, we could see that both were in the snowline that had spared us, so we went for a wander and discovered places we never knew existed, along with a stunning view. So, today’s picture is contemporary rather than historical. I took it this afternoon. It shows the view from Norton Tower, looking back towards where we live, with the Wainhouse Tower marking the spot.

What would have made our winter walk complete would have been the chance to pop into a pub on the way home for a warm and a drink – but I can’t see that pleasure returning for some time yet. Even so, the pair of us really enjoyed exploring, and the view was stunning.

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