Another odd one where time’s elastic – but not in the way where it expands so that you can fit everything in – exactly the opposite! So, I stepped back and thought ‘bugger it – it’s poets day*’ and did as much as I could before decamping to our local pub to have a socially distanced evening and a right good giggle with friends.

Oh, before I go any further, let me explain *poets day for those unfamiliar with the term. I learned it when I was working as a Housing Officer in London in the 1980s. It stands for Piss Off Early, Tomorrows Saturday. I’m sure a lot of people in various industries can relate to the concept!

Having done so, it was lovely to catch up with people in one of the few ways we can right now. Three of us have a birthday next week and the original idea was the group would go out for a meal. That’s now been canned (for obvious reasons) so we’re all feeling a bit bereft. As much as some tech geeks like to pretend the internet’s the future, Zoom birthdays really don’t cut the mustard.

Right, on to the picture of the day, before the build-up in my spleen needs venting…

Here’s Taprobane, a privately-owned island off the West Coast of Sri Lanka, which has an interesting history. I took this picture on the 13th January 2002.

Right now I can think of worse places to be isolated upon…

I’ve a favour to ask…
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