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Another one of those days where nothing quite seems to go right…

After the saga of the fridge repair that didn’t happen today we’ve had another domestic farce. Our washing machine had packed up and the new one was being delivered this afternoon, so I was ‘confined to barracks’ for most of the day as the delivery slot wasn’t exactly tight. To be fair, they turned up PDQ and rang me to say they were on their way, so I had chance to clear the kitchen. If only things had been that simple. As soon as they started disconnecting the old machine they hit a problem. There was a historic leak on one of the water pipes connecting to the washing machine, so it was job stopped! Now, I can sort of understand – the last thing they want to be involved in is an insurance claim for flooding, but a more mature and experienced sort of person might have said ‘it’ll be reet’ (as they say in this neck of the woods) and cracked on.

Instead, I waved them and our new machine goodbye (whilst muttering imprecations under my breath) before clearing out the sink to sort out the leak. Half an hour, a bucketful of swear words – and a skinned finger or two later and the problem was solved. To be fair to the guys – they’d spotted something I hadn’t. The colour-coded stopcocks which indicated hot and cold pipes were the wrong way round! I didn’t do any of the old alterations to this house, but I’d like to shake whoever did warmly – by the throat! So many DIY jobs I’ve taken on since have turned into a nightmare as I have to correct old bodges, and whatever you do, don’t ever get Dawn started on the honesty and propriety of the person she bought the place off or we’ll be here all day!

This means we’re now without a washing machine until Monday. OK, first world problems I know – and we have Dee’s parents as backup, so it’s hardly the end of the world, it’s merely one of those little niggles that interrupt your day. Which brings me on to my picture of the day. First world problems? We just don’t know we’re born…

I took this picture in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India on the 20th March 2018. Imagine your mother/grandmother working carrying bricks on a building site for a few rupees a day (every day), then having to wash the family’s clothes in a local river – or as someone once said – trying to break stones with wet washing – anyone who’s ever travelled in India will know exactly what I mean.

Now, what was that I was saying about a broken washing machine?

I’ve a favour to ask…
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