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Tomorrow we enter October, the month when the clocks go back. I’ve an idea – how about we put them back all the way to 2016? Before Brexit, before all the shit’s that’s happened since, and waaaay before anyone had even considered Covid. OK, I know it’s not going to happen. An hour is all we’ll get tops – but I can dream, can’t I?

Fatigue with the 21st century is setting in already as it’s not exactly got off to a brilliant start and I’m not going to be here for the long-haul, so it’s time to think about what I do with the rest of it.

I the meantime, I’m continuing to sort through all the baggage of my life. Here’s something I came across earlier, which harks back to a simpler age. You wouldn’t have Google tracking an ID card like this – and the only time I carried a mobile phone was when I was on call for work. It was one of those weird things with a carbon-fibre ariel but still seemed like cutting-edge tech at the time. It would be another 6-7 years before I got a mobile phone of my own as by then I’d swapped careeer and turned freelance photographer so needed one. Oh, and trust me, even then, the NUJ press card was a damned sight more sophisticated than this effort!

OK, meanwhile, here’s the picture of the day, which is somewhere that could literally be centuries away. This is sunrise over the city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, taken in November 1991 when I was on the start of a solo trip around Asia. The view of the fort town was taken from the window of the old building I was staying in. Imagine opening your bedroom window and seeing a view like this?

I spent several days here before booking a 5 day camel safari out into the Thar desert, which is another story (when I get chance to scan the pictures). The people I travelled with were a real multi-national bunch and we had a ball. Sleeping out in the desert in a bed of camel blankets whilst watching for shooting stars was an amazing experience.

I did meet one young German girl back in Jaisalmer for whom the dice really didn’t fall as well on one of these trips. She was the only other person with 6 Israelies. I admired the way she dealt with the situation. Seasoned travellers will know what I mean…

I hope you enjoy these pictures of the day, for me it’s funny how they trigger so many memories and stories.

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