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The past couple of days I’ve been busy trying to catch-up on scanning old slides in order to keep the momentum going after having to divert into writing and judging. It’s a slow, tedious job and no-one else is going to do it! My only consolation is that with everything doing on in the world there’s never been a better time to hunker down in the office and crack on with production line scanning. At least it keeps me out of trouble…

If you want to have a look at what I’ve been busy scanning follow this link to the ‘recent’ section of my Zenfolio website as these are the galleries the pictures are in. I’ve a load more scanned that need a final retouch in Photoshop, so expect more soon. I’m determined to get the rail images finished before the end of the year which will be no small achievement after 30 years!

OK, on to picture of the day, which is from a place I’ve not featured so far. In 2004 Lynn and I visited Hong Kong as part of an Asia trip. Lynn was out in Singapore and Hong Kong for as charity as their head of global major donors, so it made sense for me to tag along and the pair of us to tag a holiday onto the trip which would allow me to spend time taking pictures whilst Lynn attended various meetings and one to one’s with potential major donors. I’d come along for the cocktail parties and soirees, which gave me a fascinating insight into the  differing expatriate communities and how they viewed each other. At one event in Singapore I heard them joke about Hong Kong and ‘filth’. I found out it was an acronym for ‘Failed In London, Try Hong kong’. I wonder if they’re still laughing now?

I’d always wanted to explore Hong Kong’s tram network, which really is a colonial hangover – but also a great way of getting around. We were staying in the Wang Chai area of the city and the trams ran past our hotel – hence this picture, which was taken on the 4th November 2004.

FDG1578. Tram 131. Wan Chai. Hong Kong. 4.11.04.crop

I loved the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. It’s such an incredibly vibrant (and impossibly crowded) place. If you want to see more pictures click on this link for trams and this one for travel pictures.



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