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Hmm, where to take you in time and space today? In the present it’s been an unexciting day that I won’t bore you with, so let me see what’s in the archives…

I took this picture in March 1992 from the top of Adams Peak in Sri Lanka. It was during my year long solo trip. I hadn’t originally intended to go to Sri Lanka but I met a couple of fellow travellers (who called themselves Pip and Gyppo) in Kerala, India and we ended up travelling together for a while. They’d planned to visit the island and we could get cheap flights from Trivandrum to Colombo, so I thought hell, why not?

We had a fantastic time together for several weeks and one of the highlights was visiting the hills to climb Adams Peak. It’s called that as one of the folklore story’s surrounding it is that it’s where Adam (of Adam and Eve) first stepped down to Earth from Heaven. It’s not just Christians who revere it. Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim pilgrims also ascend the 2243 metre high peak and have different versions of the story and different names for the mountain.

Like most people, we stayed at the base of the peak, then rose early in the morning to begin the climb so that we could arrive at the top just before dawn. It’s not an easy climb, even though there’s steps cut into much of the mountain. But, it is worth it – as this picture shows. The views as the sun rises are sublime.

T3194. Adams Peak. Sri Lanka. 1992.

I’ve never got around to scanning all my pictures from that particular trip, but if you want to see pictures from more recent trips to Sri Lanka, follow this link.



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