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We’ve had a fun day here in the Calder valley as the weather really hasn’t known what to do with itself. One minute the valley’s blanketed in murk, then that clears to welcome clear blue skies, then the next apocalyptic cloud front appears to literally darken our door and the heavens open for a few brief minutes before the sun’s cracking the flags again!

If nothing else, it’s been fun to watch. Dawn’s into day 2 of her ‘virtual retreat’ but we did get out for a walk together earlier, kitted out in waterproofs and with brollies to start with, then the sun arrived so we stripped off, then the rain came back! Still, it keeps us fit – and occupied, plus – it’s glorious to watch the skies change as we have a grandstand view. Here’s how the skies over Sowerby Bridge looked like earlier as the next storm blew in.


Whilst Dee’s been busy on her retreat I’ve been keeping myself occupied researching articles and sorting out old images, which brings me on to…

Picture of the day

Here’s another one from India. This one was taken in Rajkot in the state of Gujarat on the 11th February 2000. I’ve always loved Indian street scenes. You just never know what’s going to appear. I often find a strategic location to sit and wait to see what might catch my eye. It doesn’t normally take long for something of interest to happen, especially as Rajkot’s a busy little place with people flocking in from the countryside to bring their produce to market.

T9638. Women sit atop sacks on a motor rickshaw. Rajkot. Gujarat. India. 11.02.2000crop

Here’s a group of women sitting atop their wares as they arrive into town on the back of a three-wheeler which is the front end of a motorcycle with a trailer tacked on the back.  They’re very common in the countryside but you used to see a variant even in New Delhi back in the 80s-90s where a Harley-Davidson was converted into a taxi trike. They were almost always driven by Sikhs and plied specific routes around the capital. They were horribly polluting so they were banned many years ago but out in rural areas these contraptions still exist.

If you want to see the rest of the pictures from India that I’ve added to my website, follow this link, which will take you straight to the India gallery.


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