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Today’s not been a vintage day weather wise. Far from it in fact – it’s probably the wettest and greyest of the series so far but I really shouldn’t complain as we need the rain and we’ve had a glorious year during the lockdown months. That said, it’s just not the same when you open the bedroom blinds to find half the valley hidden in the murk. Even the birds seemed subdued by it as the dawn chorus was decidedly muted this morning.

Despite the pair of us began the day in good order at a reasonable hour but skipped the morning meditation due to getting stuck into work almost straight away. Dawn was having a rest day from her training and it’s normally after that we join up for that special bit of quality time and serenity that helps us both relax and take our minds off the outside world.

Once I’d retreated to the office my day passed quickly. I had the tail end of the slides I’d discovered the other day to sort out which was satisfying as it was yet another job that I could tick off the list. If lockdown has been good for anything (apart from saving money by not going to the pub!) it’s that after nearly 30 years I’ve now got so many old pictures scanned and available to a worldwide audience, rather than being stuck in albums in a loft. I see this archive as a legacy. Sadly, so many fantastic archives taken by photographers of all interests (but especially rail enthusiasts) end up in the bin after their deaths, having never seen the light of day – despite their potential as an invaluable historical record – because no-one appreciates what it was they had.

As well as reliving the past I did keep my focus on the present by dodging the interminable showers to get my daily exercise and to venture up to the supermarket to stock up on a few necessities. The place was as quiet as a grave when I got there. I suspect a combination of more people returning to work – coupled with the poor weather – had kept people away. It was great for me as a breezed through the place, found everything I wanted, got home at a sensible time – and stayed dry.

As we’d a full freezer of home-made delicacies neither of us had to cook, which gave us more time to relax. Although I do miss the enjoyment of cooking from scratch there’ll be plenty of time at the weekend to indulge. Instead, the pair of us retired early to finish watching the end of the ‘Marigold Hotel’ series on BBC iPlayer. There was only one problem. It’s given me itchy feet – just when I can’t scratch them!

By pure co-incidence, talk of India brings me rather neatly onto…

Picture of the day.

I’d plucked this one from the archive by random and scanned it several days ago before we started watching the TV programme about, but it fits very nicely. This is the old India Offices at the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices in Whitehall, London.

T15430. Inside the old India offices at the Foreign and Commonwealth office. Whitehall. London. 30.04.2003crop

The picture was taken on the 30th April 2003. Lynn and I were there attending a charity event, although for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. I suspect it was to do with Actionaid, whom Lynn was working for at the time. It’s an amazing building and a reflection of how India was seen as the Jewel in the British Empire’s Crown. It’s just as grand inside, but I couldn’t get any pictures.



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