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The second day of the new rail timetable’s not going well, so I’m glad I’ve been at home catching up on paperwork and chores. Sadly I missed another batch of Pacers heading for storage as I didn’t check Real Time Trains until too late! The number of Pacers in service is declining rapidly, so if you’re that way inclined – catch ’em whilst you can! Here’s a previous blog looking back over their lives and times.

To be honest, today’s weather’s hardly been conducive to photography either as we’ve had sunshine atop the valley whilst the bottom’s been surrounded by haze. I did venture out to get some shopping at get my daily miles in but I didn’t bother taking the camera as it seemed like a waste of time.

This evening I’ve been watching live train schedules on RTT and feeling sorry for the poor buggers trying to get home from places like Huddersfield, where the Trans-Pennine service appears to have gone into free-fall with many trains cancelled and the ones working in from Leeds or Manchester already rammed by the time they arrive.

Mind you, it’s not just TPE. I saw this on RTT earlier which amused/bemused me. Northern’s new Halifax-Hull service is having its own problems too!

Well, you can’t get much slower than a cancelled train!

I’ve remarked before that TPE always seemed to get off lightly when it came to complaints about rail services. It was always Northern Rail getting it in the neck, but this looks to have changed as I saw this tweet from Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham earlier. Of course, he stuck the boot into Northern first!

How stripping either of their franchise and leaving the services to be run from a desk in the Department of Transport by an ‘operator of last resort’ is going to make things better is anyone’s guess. But at least you can keep the problem at arms length then…

My plans for the rest of the week keep changing as jobs keep changing. I did have a job in Wales pencilled in for Thursday but this has been cancelled. Instead I’m going to be heading back to London for this annual event;