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We’re both bright eyed and bushy tailed (well, I may have exaggerated that bit), as we’re about to head off for what I’ve no doubt will be a very enjoyable day on a friends narrowboat. But first we’ve a two hour drive to get down to Leicestershire. Stay with us and watch the day unfold…


For once, the M62 motorway was traffic free so we’re now on an equally quiet M1and making good time, hopefully the next 70 miles be trouble-free too.

POSTSCRIPT (Sunday 25th).

Yesterday was such a lovely relaxing day I decided not to bother blogging and enjoy the great company and relaxing trip on the River Soar, just living for the moment rather than recording it for posterity. I didn’t even take my camera out of it’s bag for most of the trip! The weather was stunning. We had a classic summers day which was ideal for a river cruise. The route we took meant we only had a couple of locks to navigate, just enough to keep us occupied and entertained without becoming too onerous. Whilst Nigel navigated the boat, Dawn, myself and Phil (accompanied by Mojo) worked the locks. At Trent lock we moored up for lunch. I’d prepared several home cooked curries which we shared along with the fantastic cheese scones that Lilian had made plus various offerings contributed by the others. Here’s a couple of pictures that capture the spirit of the day.