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Christ on a bike! Earlier in the week we were basking in the highest temperatures the UK’s probably ever seen. Today we’re experiencing the levels of rain that make me want to dust off plans for an Ark!

The four of us have had a fantastic weekend in Liverpool. Saturday night at the Cavern Club was great, but today we did something very different and also very sobering after a night on the beer. We visited the Slavery Museum at Liverpool’s Albert Dock. I’d recommend it to anyone but if you’re white and think you’re hard done by, expect to learn some uncomfortable truths. The museum lays bar the true horror of the slave trade and Liverpool’s part in it. The full horror of this obnoxious trade and man’s inhumanity to man is laid bare. To be honest, it’s a lot to take in, so I’d recommend more than one visit.

Unfortunately, the weather in Liverpool was so wet we cut short the day to head back across the Pennines to West Yorkshire. In the event, it wasn’t any better back home. We ended up back in our local pub for a ‘a couple’ then were joined by other friends so that a couple became several – then it started chucking it down. So much do that for the first time we ordered a taxi to get us the short distance home.

Now, whilst Dawn’s digging the pair of us a very nice meal out of the freezer (home made Harissa Chicken) I’ve been busy checking emails as tomorrow I’m back on the road judging stations for the ACoRP awards. it’s ironic to think that last week Mark and I were bothered about the heat. This week it’s not suntan lotion we need to pack – it’s a canoe! We’ve ‘only’ got three (widely spread) stations to visit today, so expect another rolling blog describing the course of the day. Today’s been pretty easy, but here’s a few photo’s to illustrate it.



Liverpool’s Gay Pride in full swing! 


Wet but happy! The four of us on the way home.