After a couple of days at home normal service will be resumed in the morning as I’ll be up at Sparrowfart to head down to London once more. I’ve a commission from a client which will see me taking pictures at Upminster IECC, the signal box that controls a large chunk of the local Essex rail network. Next week’s going to be busy as I’m away Wednesday & Thursday on ACoRP awards judging, with a mere nine stations to visit across the East Midlands train network.

It’s all a contrast to the weekend as Dawn and I have had some quality time at home. Today’s been quite a relaxing one which allowed me to catch up with a few chores at home, indulge in a bit of blogging, get out for a walk and plan more of a forthcoming trip to Ireland. We even managed to fit in a visit to our local pub for a couple of pints in the beer garden. Well, when I say ‘we’ I mean me, as Dawn’s decided to give up alcohol as part of a 60 day challenge, so whilst I was enjoying some of Acorn breweries finest Dee was supping bottles of Becks Blue!

I do enjoy these weekends at home because they’re a relaxed contrast to much of my working weeks that can see me travelling from one end of the country to the other and I’m going to be doing plenty of that over the next couple of months!

So, expect a few rolling blogs this next week, starting early tomorrow morning, but for now – goodnight!